Blog about Physical Activity for kids

Staying fit is challenging for even the most fitness-focused among us.

So, what to do with kids ages 2 to 18, who probably are sitting in front of screens more than ever, who are missing their scheduled sports and activities and who are not used to exercising on their own?

Let him climb to his heart's content on indoor and outdoor play gyms. This can make them physically active and they can enjoy it too.

We humans need daily exercise. Kids are no exception. They should get a minimum of 60 minutes a day of cardio and strength.

Try to mimic the amount of exercise the child gets on a normal day to make sure they stay fit and happy. The general rule for kids’ strength-building is that prepubescent children are safest doing body-weight exercises, such as push-ups and sit ups, while teenagers can lift weights.

Make a plan with your child that focuses on wellness and health above all. This list of fitness resources includes three-minute dance videos, online yoga, ideas for games like hopscotch and indoor balloon volleyball, fitness card games, online youth sports performance videos and much more