RX20 Mars Rover
RX20 Mars Rover
RX20 Mars Rover
RX20 Mars Rover

RX20 Mars Rover

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Engineer your own Mars Rover! 

Let your kid's imagination work with this DIY rover.
Enjoy assembling and connecting the different parts to build your mars rover!

Bring fun to learning

Create an exciting and fun playtime for your kids and their friends!
This new DIY mars rover motivates kids to learn in an engaging & fun way. 

A Stylish Robust Design

Choose between 3 levels of chassis configuration and 3 wheel configuration to bypass all obstacles like a pro;
Powered with hybrid motor and solar panel to teach your kids about the future of green energy. 

Your child will really love their Mars Rover!

Go ahead; tap add to cart and order your kid's DIY Mars Rover now!